September 1, 2009

FAN EXPO COVERAGE: Day #2-- The Vampire Conspiracy Graphic Novel Launches

I am very intrigued by the idea for The Vampire Conspiracy graphic novel.

While Hollywood is still mining the world of older comics and graphic novels for new adaptation fodder to turn into bigger and badder movies, Marc Morgenstern and Adam Gorham have turned the process around by adapting 2005's Vampire Conspiracy into a brand new graphic novel.
  • [Audio currently unavailable] Download and listen to director Marc Morgenstern describe the history behind  The Vampire Conspiracy and how he and Adam Gorham adapted the film to comics (2:48)
Written and directed and independently produced by Marc Morgenstern, the Vampire Conspiracy film is a horror / suspense feature about a group of strangers who are kidnapped by a 250 year old vampire and placed in a deadly maze in which they struggle against one another to discover the clues to escape, unravel the secret connections that bind them, and possibly win the vampire's fortune if they can survive the vampires hunting them in the maze.

Gaining a world-wide release in 2005, Marc and artist Adam Gorham have now adapted the movie into a brand new graphic novel, which they launched at this year's Festival of Fear, selling the comic alongside the DVD for only $5.

I've yet to watch the movie, but flipping through the graphic novel, I can tell Adam Gorham's work is strong. For his first serious attempt at graphic storytelling, he already shows considerable aptitude for page layout and sequential pacing.

I can't wait to dive into this comic and then the movie. To get your own copy of the DVD and comic, visit