March 27, 2011

MERCY: A Zombie Novel

We now live in the world of the Kindle and the Nook. For zombie fiction fans, this means stories of the hungry undead are only a click away. When I can, I like to spotlight some of the new novels out there in the world of eBooks, new novels such as MERCY by Joshua Grover-David Patterson

Available on KINDLE and NOOK

When Georgina Fulci’s plane crashes into the Atlantic, her troubles have just begun.

Desperate to get home to her family, Georgina and a handful of survivors must find a way to escape an uncharted island… while fighting off hordes of the living dead.


“Joshua Grover-David Patterson writes in a style that will surely connect with many contemporary zombie fans. His use of tone and narrative structure are miles ahead of most who work in the genre.”

-Scott Kenemore, author of Zombie, Ohio and The Zen of Zombie

“You expect a zombie novel to have brains, but you don't expect it to be this smart. You expect a number of internal organs to be on display, but you don't expect this much heart. MERCY is a kicka** zombie novel, but it's also a thoughtful, moving story about the joy and importance of being human and alive.”

-Seamus Cooper, author of The Mall of Cthulhu

“Patterson has taken the zombie-pocalypse story in a fresh new direction, infusing hope and heart into a format that normally only thinks of heart in relation to gory attacks.”

-Word Nerd Blog/Bethany K. Warner

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