October 11, 2011

12 Hurt in Resident Evil 5 Accident

I always suspected that the Resident Evil movies were bad for your health.

The Toronto Star is reporting this morning that 12 people have been hurt in a fall on the set of Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth film in the franchise that is currently shooting in Toronto.

According to the story, a "raised set collapsed and sent 12 zombielike actors to hospital" with non-life threatening injuries.

No word yet on whether shoddy construction materials purchased from the Umbrella Corporation are to blame.


  1. That was awesome. Who among you does not hate Umbrella Corp. After a horrific (not in a good way) annimated film and a slightly less horrific #4 film i'm less than excited about #5.

  2. Anderson is just trying to make the acting a little more believable this time around...