March 19, 2012

Walking Dead Minimates Up for Pre-Order!

After premiering at the New York Toy Fair, The Walking Dead Minimates are now available for Pre-Order!

Based on the comic book series, these 2 inch tall mini-figures come with a highly-poseable 14 points of articulation and more gory details and accessories than you can shake a severed finger at.

The first assortment of two-packs, due at comic shops and specialty stores in September, includes:

- Rick with Roamer Zombie
- Herd Zombie Two-Pack
- Dale with Roamer Zombie
- Winter Coat Dale with Roamer Zombie (Rare variant)

If you can't get enough The Walking Dead merch, you better pre-order this specialty wave from your local comic shop, specialty store, or your favorite online retailer.

And a little birdy tells me that there's a Toys "R" Us-exclusive assortment hitting stores around the same time. Keep your eyes peeled.

You can find your nearest comic shop at! And get regular DST updates on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. Funny concept for the Walking Dead minimates toys, but I am not a fan in the way they look.

    1. Hey Jed, have you ever owned any Minimate figures before?