April 10, 2012

Canadian Haunted Attractions Conference This Weekend

If you're hanging around Hamilton, ON this weekend and are looking for something fun and spooky, I recommend checking out The Canadian Haunted Attractions Conference (April 13-15).

The Canadian Haunted Attractions Conference is a tradeshow for the spooky set otherwise disinterested in the run-of-the-mill home shows, boat shows, and bridal conventions (yuck) that come to town. At the CHAC, you'll find vendors of such spooky wares as Gothic Gourds, Depraved Clothing, and Masters of Disguise.

In addition to vendors, the CHAC offers builders workshops and seminars on the topics of the haunting industry and the paranormal.

Go check it out: www.canadahaunts.ca


  1. Thanks for doing this Zedward! It was a super conference, and you will have to tell me all about Shockstock! Ghoulish kisses from your favourite local zombie girl (well, one of, you popular dead dude)...

    1. As far as I knew I thought I was his favourite zombie girl. Looks like I have a bit of healthy competition. PS I think I'll win ;)