April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th: In Search of Jason Voorhees at Shock Stock 2012

Today is Friday the 13th, and in a little over an hour, I will be heading to London, ON for SHOCK STOCK 2012.

Aside from the many other awesome guests and screenings that will be happening this weekend, a big draw for me is to go meet Kane Hodder (aka. Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th VII-X) in person at Canada's only stand-alone horror convention.

Hodder, who also plays Victor Crowley in the Hatchet films, will be on hand with author Michael Aloisi, who co-wrote Hodder's 2011 biography Unmasked and the making-of journal The Killer & I.

Hodder and Aloisi are also hard at work turning The Killer & I into a web series for FEARnet. You can get involved by contributing to the show on Kickstarter:
Go from being a fan to part of the industry by funding the horror world’s first reality web-series starring horror icon, Kane Hodder and writer, AuthorMike!
The Killer & I follows the horror industry's odd couple, Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th part 7-X, Hatchet 1,2) and AuthorMike (the author of Unmasked and The Killer & I from which the show is based) as they cause havoc while touring the United States and Europe on their book tour. 

The Killer & I, a web-series that will air on FEARnet has decided to film an extra three episodes for the first season of the show, to bring the total to a frightening 13.  Being that the show is being made for horror fans, Kane and Mike decided to give back to the fans by inviting them to be part of the show themselves. 

The money pledged will go towards filming extra episodes, shooting a new gory opening to the show and making the fans an integral part of the series by putting YOU, the fan, into some of the episodes.  While all pledges will be thanked on the show’s website, others will get their name in the credits and some lucky fans will have the option of appearing on the show! 

The entire purpose of Kane and Mike working with KickStarter is to give back to the fans by letting them be a part of the world they love so much.

So I'm off in search of Jason Voorhees himself. Hopefully Hodder won't harm me since I mentioned his book and FEARnet show, but if I don't make it back, look for my mutilated body at the bottom of Crystal Lake.

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  1. Mike Aloisi has written a book in which he describes how he and Kane Hodder, of horror movie fame, were not only invited, but paid to attend a paranormal investigation at Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany, NY and literally urinated in the closets of this historical haunted asylum.
    Rolling Hills Asylum was a poor house that housed paupers, criminals, orphaned children, the morally corrupt, as well as mentally insane all in the same government-run facility. Needless to say not all were treated humanely and the asylum has a rich history of sadness, despair and eventually lonely deaths. It is now a hot spot of paranormal activity, in the form of trapped souls and negative energy so strong it has made people physically ill. For the many that had to die under these circumstances, and for the many that are still trapped there for eternity, it is a location that deserves respect for what once went on inside those walls.
    Kane Hodder had decided to try and use his status as a horror movie actor to break into paranormal investigating. Well it takes more than just a name to be considered a legitimate part of the paranormal field. I have recently read a chapter of Mike Aloisi’s new book about his experience at the asylum. It is a vile and morally unethical story trying to appear as an apology. I do believe saying I am truly sorry but it was funny as hell kind of veto’s out the apology. He explains how Kane Hodder took it upon himself to urinate in the closets throughout the asylum even as he begged him not to. I guess this need to urinate wherever he pleases is due to some psychological reasons in which you can read about in Kanes Book (Kudo’s on the nice plug). What I saw in those words Mike had written were not the acts of a man who just has a “problem’ as if it makes it ok, they painted the picture of an arrogant, narcissistic moron who somehow thinks the world owes him something. News flash Kane, you were not even the only Jason, which means no one owes you anything because you have offered the world nothing special. So many others did EXACTLY what you did, and you know what, no one even knew the difference cause the mask always looked the same. You weren’t even in the good ones either. Mike continues on, trying to insult our intelligence by making us believe he was traumatized the fact that Kane “MADE” him do it too. Really? That bad Mike, bad enough that you put it in a book and are trying to profit from it. I see you have been wounded greatly. I am sorry however that as a grown man you are still having bullying issues, cause I was under the impression you were a tough guy once, not a coward who will do whatever Jason 7,8,9,10 tells him to do. Then to discuss with everyone how vile it was, since they were all feeling that way about what they had “found” in the closets. No one could believe it would actually be a person, I mean who would do that?
    What I find interesting is that you really believed that in some way this chapter in your book would serve as an apology. It was a joke. If you were truly sorry for what you had done, you would have returned to Rolling Hills like a man and confessed to what you had done, returned whatever you were given to appear and paid to have the place cleaned and sanitized. Even as disturbing as it all was, I would have at least had a shred of respect left for you for being a man. Instead, you put it in your book, trying to add in some humor, which by the way who actually published this book? Did anyone actually read it first or for once did the celebrity status help you out and just get you a I deal? just do not see humor in urinating in a place that holds the history it does, and seen the deaths this place has. Please I cannot wait for the chapter where Kane urinates on someone’s grave, do you see any humor in that? I know you will receive the most criticism for this and it’s because it’s your book, trust that I am not even more disturbed by the pure arrogance and lack of class that your friend Kane displayed.