April 15, 2012

The Stuff of Legends: Joanna Angel Banned but GOBLIN Brings Down the House at Rum Runners [SHOCK STOCK 2012]

City of London, ON bans porn star Joanna Angel from performing, but GOBLIN rocks on at Shock Stock 2012

Last night was, as Shock Stock co-organizer James Bialkowski described it, "the stuff of legends." Playing to a packed crowd of horror and music fans, GOBLIN band members Claudio Simoneti (his first time in Canada) and Maurizio Guarini completely destroyed Rum Runners here in London, ON and melted the faces of all in attendance in an eerie, electric symphony with a set list of iconic music from Dawn of the Dead, Deep Red, Tenabrae, and more, including a cover of John Carpenter's Halloween theme to close out the evening. It was a night that horror fans like us dream of experiencing, and thank God that Shock Stock has the balls to pull it off.

Despite the triumphant performance by Simonetti, Guarini, and band, the night began with a setback. Joanna Angel, porn star and owner of Burning Angel, was set to perform a zombi dance before the show, but the city of London and its municipal bylaws reared their ugly heads and put a stop the show before it even began.

Shock Stock co-organizer Jake W. Grimbro speaks of censorship and injustice
Joanna exits the stage as Jake rages against the machine
With police and security prowling the floor at Rum Runners, Joanna was forbidden from going on, but she made an appearance to address the situation with humour, tact, and just the right amount of cheeky indignation.

It was a shame that London couldn't see a way to let Joanna go on, but you can see all that you want of Joanna at BURNINGANGEL.COM (NSFW 18+) and meet her in person today at Centennial Hall for the final day of SHOCK STOCK 2012.


  1. You forgot to mention how they segued Halloween into the straight up funkiest version of Tubular Bells I have ever heard. Seemed impromptu as well ... everyone else in the band had their eyes trained on Claudio for the whole encore which makes me think it was at least partly improvised. I'd have loved to hear a track or two from Roller, but it was expected they'd stick to their soundtrack material when playing a Horror Festival. Tenebre brought the house down; Justice ... meet your makers. Best concert I've seen all year, and the best way to top off an already great session at the convention.

  2. That cover of Tubular Bells was fantastic. It was so great, I forgot to bust out my camera to take a video until the last ten seconds. I think the word is "mesmerizing."

  3. That's sad. Well anyways thank you for the information.

  4. Your pic of Joanna & Jake rules. Great shot. I know what you mean about being mesmerized, I wish I had footage of the Phenomenon bit.