July 2, 2013

Bringing Zombies and Humans Together

In this new commercial for giffgaff, a mobile phone service based in the UK, an unsuspecting group of humans are plagued by a horde of zombies, with unexpected results. This video might make you rethink the zombie threat.


  1. It's quite different :) but likable.
    Have you seen the commercial CPR makes you undead? have a look on youtube.

  2. Hehehehe

    This is such a great concept for an add.

    Not for the zombie purist though...however I did chuckle at the bar scene. It would be funny sitting next to a zombie while having a cold one!

  3. What a great ad....very creative. Loved the gal petting the head sitting in the chair!

  4. Ye not really for the zombie purist as Ben said but quite funny. Like the zombie that helps the cat and starts stroking it with his pulled off hand. Very clever